Lushna’s eco-villas

In Harmony with Nature

Do you long for a pleasant escape in the woods without having to forego comfort? Lushna eco villas are made from natural materials and offer everything you ever felt was missing in a hotel stay and much more besides. Experience glamorous camping – or "glamping" –, which is conquering Slovenia.

Lushna Villas are 100% ecological, made of solid larch wood. Its innovative design provides protection against moisture, insects and cold.

So who are the creators behind these charming wooden huts that are delighting visitors? The Lushna Group connects people and companies who share the same values and goals and have the will to realise them in life and space for the benefit of us all. It brings together nature lovers, bioclimatic architects, researchers, wood builders, and tourism and marketing experts who believe in sustainable tourism.

Lushna offers a comprehensive solution for the development of glamping tourist destinations, working with their customers from the beginning to the end, through the entire process of site development, and providing them with everything they need for a swift and successful entry into glamping tourism.

Lushna Products and Design

The best from both worlds: hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.

Lushna mobile wooden tourist facilities are designed with a twin focus on comfort and a genuine experience of nature. Villa types are tailored to different sites and needs, while they are all made from durable, ecological and nature-friendly materials. Their innovative design means that the villas are protected from damp, cold, heat and uninvited insects. And their prefabricated construction is such that the villas could be produced anywhere in the world.

The Lushna designers have eliminated each and every architectural element that might infringe on a flawless experience of the surroundings and scaled their products to the human body and its range of perception. In structure and construction, they have used the knowledge of our forebears and combined traditional woodwork with modern aspects of glamping. "Lushna is synonymous with smart and simple design, functional construction and manufacturing logic all the way from concept to detail," says Peter Ličen from the Lushna company.

Lushna are also well aware of the fact that two of Slovenia’s biggest economical potentials lie in the wood industry and boutique tourism which takes advantage of its unspoilt and very diverse nature: "Our mission is to design quality products for the Slovenian wood industry and use them to create recognisable tourist destinations with a high level of tourist offer," adds Mr. Peter. Lushna products are made from top quality untreated wood of local origin, wood fibre insulation boards, modern ecological textiles and traditional roofing materials such as wood or stone or even a modern, green roof covering.

Lushna Forest Villas in Bled

Escape the concrete jungle. Have some space and a breath of fresh air. Think about nothing at all.

When developing each Lushna destination, the creators always follow the same principle: they focus on creating a symbiotic relationship with the surroundings to build inspiring experiences for their guests. This principle plays the key role in Lushna’s facilities design, tourist activity programmes and adventures. The exquisite glamping destination in Bled was designed in 2009, its owners naming it Forest Villas. The villas are tucked away in a quiet part of the campsite, surrounded by greenery but still in close proximity to Lake Bled.

For the Bled site, the most robust villa option, called the Lushna Villa Massive, was selected. These are made 100% from wood, are well insulated and heated, and are therefore suitable for use at any time of the year. For extra comfort, there is an outdoor firewood-fuelled wooden hot tub to bring cheer to even the coldest of evenings.

Guests can diversify their stay in Forest Villas with a range of wellness services and take part in the countless possibilities for an active outdoor holiday offered by Bled Camping. Lushna Forest Villas are open for seven months in the summer season and one month during the New Year’s holidays.

New Destinations and Plans for the Future

The wonderful lakeside location by Blaguško Jezero is an ideal candidate for transformation into a Lushna destination. The environment offers plenty of natural beauty that leave its visitors at a loss of words. The region is rich with culinary specialities – top quality homemade food can be washed down with first-rate local wine. The location is ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the surrounding area. Its easy access and location close to three neighbouring countries is another advantageous feature which bodes well for its future success.

"We are currently still in the planning phase, as our original project has expanded. The destination, with its fifty housing units, restaurant and country club and with all its infrastructure and landscaping in place, is planned to open for the beginning of the 2016 season, or 2017 at the very latest," says Mr. Peter.

Elsewhere, the Lushna Group is completing the development of new products for glamping destinations which will be presented to the market in late summer. They are also intensively expanding their business abroad: currently they have sales representatives in Spain, England and Greece, but aim eventually to reach all world markets. Their product range, organisation and scope of services are constantly being upgraded to ensure even more glamping destinations with impressive views and in perfect harmony with nature in the future.

So do they themselves ever get the time to relax at one of their Lushna destinations? "We rarely get a turn," chuckles Peter, adding that when they do, they are pretty demanding customers. But of course they too enjoy simple, genuine experiences, the company of friendly waiters and good authentic cuisine in a beautiful natural environment when they can!

Text by Danila Golob
Photo: Lushna archives