•  2000 years of Roman city  
       of Emona: A City of the Empire 
    •  Ljubljana Castle - a hard-to-miss symbol of the city and its most popular attraction.  
    •  Lipikum, museum dedicated 
       to the town of Lipica, its stud farm  
       and the famous white Lipizzaner  

Islands have a certain something about them. Perhaps this is because they are surrounded by water, which shapes, changes and creates them anew every day. A boat trip, a walk across a bridge and you are on an island, where a whole...

Geography abounds with examples of particular landscape types taking their names from particular natural phenomena. Various branches of science owe their names to a specific phenomenon or form – volcanology, for example, being...

For centuries, forests have propelled our development and figured prominently in the progress of Slovenian society. Slovenia takes great pride in its vast meadows, clean rivers and forests, which paint the country in every...

Do you long for a pleasant escape in the woods without having to forego comfort? Lushna eco villas are made from natural materials and offer everything you ever felt was missing in a hotel stay and much more besides. Experience...

Cheese making has a long tradition in Slovenia. It started first on the Alpine dairy-farms and later also in the valleys. The areas of Bovec, Tolmin, Bohinj and Velika Planina are particularly known for their cheeses. More and...

A story has it that the Habsburg Emperor Franz-Josef (1830-1916) stopped for a meal at the renowned carriage drivers’ inn called Marinšek in Naklo near Kranj. The innkeeper told him that he could offer only ordinary house...

Slovenians are well known for their fondness for good cuisine. Now the challenge is to tempt diners into the most unusual of settings. Dinner in a coal mine or in gondola, anyone?

Towards the middle of the windswept Vipava Valley, Zemono Manor sits atop a little hill. It is famous for its Gostilna pri Lojzetu, a restaurant managed by an exceptional host, Tomaž Kavčič. Recently, the Dining Guide presented...

Slovenia’s sea, lakes and rivers provide much needed cool refreshment on hot summer days, and health resorts and spas welcome guests throughout the year. Such a vast array of opportunities for swimming has inspired Slovenian...

Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

Filip Flisar, Slovenian free-style ski cross competitor and the owner of the most beautiful moustache at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, wrote on his Facebook profile that he has designed his own clothes for this winter...

What is the secret of the success of those major Slovenian companies which have continued growing and developing for the past several decades? Krka, Gorenje, Kolektor, Adria Mobil, Elan - in spite of the difficult economic...

Between 6 October and 6 November 2014, Ljubljana is hosting the eleventh consecutive Month of Design. This will be the second time that the event will be held at the premises of the former printing factory Mladinska knjiga on...

An exhibition has opened in Ljubljana of important Slovenian works of art once displayed in diplomatic missions of the old Yugoslavia, to which Slovenia belonged until independence in 1991. Some 200 works of art have been...

Kino Šiška used to be a cult cinema in Ljubljana. It was a large, modern theatre, and already then, in addition to showing films, it served as a sort of communal centre of the Šiška district. After remaining empty for several...

Vita Mavrič. Photo: Nebojša Tejić

Twenty years ago Vita Mavrič – actress, singer, and activist – decided to have a go at theatre in a slightly different way: her cafe-based theatre developed into an active and social venue that hosted many aspiring as well as...[more]

Slovenia is scattered with numerous writers houses. They are connected by way of the Slovenian Writers Trail, which leads from Miško Kranjec’s birthplace in Velika Polana in Prekmurje across the entire country to the birthplace...


Piran. Photo: Tourist Board Portorož

September 2015

A special fashion event will take place at the world exhibition EXPO 2015 Milan on 26 September, which has been named “The Way to Someone's Heart is through their Stomach”. The Slovenian Pavilion on that day will be all about...[more]

Slovenian Producers Presented in the KaDeWe Department Store in Berlin

September 2015

Producers from Slovenia are presenting a variety of Slovenian food products and wines at the "Slovenian weeks in KaDeWe”, running until September 19. Shoppers can find there Slovenian products ranging from honey, salt, pumpkin...[more]

Parts of Giant Dugout Lifted Out of Ljubljanica

Photo: D. Badovinac/Zavod za podvodno arheologijo

July 2015

Underwater archaeologists recovered from the bottom of the Ljubljanica river on Tuesday two parts of what is the biggest dugout boat ever found in Slovenia, Matej Draksler of the Underwater Archaeology Institute told the...[more]

Slovenia is Grieving for the Legendary Musician Slavko Avsenik

July 2015

Internationally-recognized accordion musician and composer Slavko Avsenik has died at the age of 85. He is leaving behind a rich legacy of oompah music and a polka that is believed to be the most frequently played piece of music...[more]


Quick Facts

capital: Ljubljana
language: Slovenian
population: 2.060.868 (April 2014)
currency: Euro
area: 20,273 km2

The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps face the Pannonian plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. To the north borders to Austria; Hungary is to the east; Croatia to the sout and Italy to the west.

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