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    •  Exhibition The Wheel, 5200 years 
       in the City Museum of Ljubljana 
    •  Ljubljana Castle - a hard-to-miss symbol of the city and its most popular attraction.  
    •  Lipikum, museum dedicated 
       to the town of Lipica, its stud farm  
       and the famous white Lipizzaner  

Almost a decade ago, when Urša Kunz and Miha Pupis started farming, their pens housed ten goats. But they followed their goals and dreams. Their Country Estate Trnulja is located in Črna vas, in the heart of the Ljubljansko...[more]

Bianca Žvorc Morris, born in Murska Sobota, is an architect with a master's degree in design arts from New York, and an entrepreneur. She is the creative director and owner of BeeZeeDesigns, the company that brought BeeZee EcoKid...

The preservation of different plant varieties – especially native and traditional – is of vital importance in maintaining the biodiversity of cultivated plants. Seed libraries have proved to be a good practice to follow in...

The voluntary Bag on Bag project, which was held for the second year in a row, warns of the excessive use of plastic bags by combining art and environmental protection, and at the same time offers creative and simple solutions...

Towards the middle of the windswept Vipava Valley, Zemono Manor sits atop a little hill. It is famous for its Gostilna pri Lojzetu, a restaurant managed by an exceptional host, Tomaž Kavčič. Recently, the Dining Guide presented...

When you arrive in the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle, you are welcomed by a pleasant aroma of home-cooked food, including fresh homemade chicken soup, which is on the menu every day and is made from the same recipe as that used...

Gostilna Slovenija is a trademark: In Slovenia, restaurants have always played a special role. They have always been an important component part of the Slovenian heritage and culinary recognition. From now on, they will also be...

Slovenian Christmas ritual dishes include numerous special kinds of bread, cakes, pies, strudels and most particularly, potica roll cakes.

Donar brings together its own knowledge and design in order to manufacture perfect chairs in which your body does not feel the stress of prolonged sitting. It swears by ergonomic solutions and high-quality manufacturing...

The Slovenian company Riko will build a multi-purpose complex featuring a five-star Kempinski Hotel and 81 apartments and offices in the centre of the Belarus capital, Minsk. The construction of the hotel is valued at EUR 57...

Last year, Krka Group sales were worth EUR 1.076 billion and the company expects to report similar growth this year. In 2012, Krka Group is planning a 6% growth in sales, amounting to EUR 1,134 million. It will continue to focus...

Niko Kralj, with his Rex chair in Slovenia, is one of the few generally recognised designers, but also the brains behind many ‘anonymous’ quality products that we have used or still use on a daily basis without realising who...

The first references to the medieval town of Ljubljana were recorded in the twelfth century and the history tells us that, at that time, a small wooden fort was already located on the hill. However, the first explicit mention of...

On 10 December, the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, returned to its original residence to much fanfare, as the construction works had been concluded, giving the building a fresh image.

Saltmaking is one of the oldest economic activities on the north-eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, and the salt trade was once one of the most important branches of commerce in the territory of present-day Slovenia.

Slovenia is the only EU Member to have protected its native bee, the Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera carnica), which is famed for its docility, hard work, humility and excellent sense of orientation.


Laibach. Photo: Maya Nightingale

April 2014

Laibach returned to the international stage in grand style this spring. After releasing a new studio album in March, the band performed for the first time in China and Hong Kong and is now on tour across Europe. In the fall,...

Donar - a story of superb chairs

March 2014

Donar brings together its own knowledge and design in order to manufacture perfect chairs in which your body does not feel the stress of prolonged sitting. It swears by ergonomic solutions and high-quality manufacturing...

Slovenian Advertising Festival

March 2014

Portorož will host stars of the global advertising and marketing industry. Find out more...

The Wheel, 5200 years

The 5200 years old wheel. Photo: Matevž Paternoster/MGML

March 2014

The City Museum of Ljubljana is still showing an extremely appealing exhibition – The Wheel, 5200 – which is on display until 20 April 2014. This exhibition was long-anticipated, in fact ever since the oldest wooden wheel (with...


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Ljubljana, various venues

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Cankarjev dom and other venues

Quick Facts

capital: Ljubljana
language: Slovenian
population: 2.055.527 (1 April 2012)
currency: Euro
area: 20,273 km2

The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps face the Pannonian plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. To the north borders to Austria; Hungary is to the east; Croatia to the sout and Italy to the west.

Peter Prevc, Slovenian Athlete of the Year 2013, is:

  • downhill skier
  • ski jumper
  • ice hockey player

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Altitude 400m

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