Winter in Slovenia - be active

Because mountains, hills, and plains are a frequent sight and the winters normally tend to be white and cold, active life on the sunny side of Alps can charm you with an inspiringly long list of pleasures. Young or old, sophisticated or at the beginner level: all winter types can spend invigorating time here.

Photo: Rožle Bregar

The distinctive Alpine landscape always inspires skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross-country skiing, or even ski touring fans. The country’s many ski centers have excellent natural conditions and are well equipped with all the infrastructure needed for serious fun. Although Kranjska Gora  and the Maribor Pohorje  Mountains may be the best known for hosting World Cup events, there are also many other ski resorts, all of which differ in the style and setting of their winter possibilities, such as Mt. Kanin , Mt. Krvavec , Mt. Rogla , and the Golte  Plateau, to name only a few. 

Trails for cross-country skiers zigzag through enchanting winter landscapes near lakes, in valleys and along high plateaus such as Pokljuka , which hosts a World Championship biathlon , or the Bloke Plateau.

Adrenaline rushes are also available all across the country, mostly in the form of organized snowmobile rides and sled runs, dog sledding, and horse-drawn sleighs. Those with a wilder bent, on the other hand, can use many locations for ice climbing, ski touring, and winter trekking.

Any trip through snow-sparkled Slovenia will surely prove visually, emotionally, and physically rewarding. Almost all destinations are rich in natural wealth, have supportive infrastructure, and are vibrant with individuals and groups that enjoy an active winter lifestyle.

Text by Igor Medjugorac