Tour of Slovenia

Fight for Green

On Wednesday, 19 June, 129 cyclists started a five-day and 808.5-kilometre long Tour of Slovenia in Congress Square, Ljubljana. They are competing for trophies, and by promoting the race, we will invite some 40 million viewers around the world to visit Slovenia. "Sport is the best promoter, which is why our umbrella tourist organisation has bought, for the third consecutive year, advertising space on the Eurosport sports programme, which will broadcast the race live," said the representatives of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

The campaign has already started and will last until the end of July, during which time 128 half-minute ads will be shown on two channels. The tourist sights of Slovenia will thus be shown in 120 countries. Eurosport, which reaches 18 million viewers monthly, will show the race over five days with a two-hour live broadcast. "We assess that some 40 million people around the world will be able to see Slovenia through a 10-hour live broadcast of the race and intensive combined advertising between May and July," stated Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board. Over the 25 Tours of Slovenia held so far, Slovenian cyclists have celebrated 12 overall wins and 51 stage wins.

Green, which I love you, green

The race with the slogan, Fight for Green, also highlights the efforts for sustainable development of Slovenia and its tourism industry, emphasised the Slovenian Tourist Board. Projects, such as the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, also promote this idea. Bogdan Fink, Organisational Director of the Tour, emphasises the polysemy of the slogan, Fight for Green: "It’s not just about the fight for the prestigious jersey of the leading cyclist in the race and their ultimate victory, but also about taking special care to preserve our green planet."

Particularly highlighted towns include Ajdovščina, Rogaška Slatina, Idrija, Novo mesto, Celje, Ljubljana, Maribor, Trebnje, Žalec and Nova Gorica. "Our destination of the Vipava Valley and its urban section of Nova Gorica is being placed on the map of the world, which makes such events exceptionally important. We particularly highlight the beauty of the Vipava Valley and the Trnovsko-Banjška Plateau, and our natural, technical and cultural heritage such as the Solkan Bridge, Rihemberk Castle and Europe Square," emphasised Klemen Miklavič, Mayor of Nova Gorica.

Followers and ambassadors

Photo: Nik Jevšnik

Advertising on the Eurosport network also includes another 1.28 million web banners on the website, posts on its Facebook profile which has 10 million followers, and its Twitter profile, boasting 135,000 followers. Furthermore, the Eurosport team will also prepare some special coverage. Footage shown on Eurosport will include images of the natural and cultural sights that are located adjacent to all five stages, thereby forming a direct reference to the key products of Slovenian tourism, stresses the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Some 31 municipalities where the race will take place will also promote their tourist attractions. To ensure additional promotion, the Slovenian Tourist Board engaged the Cycling Ambassadors of Slovenia, i.e. social media influencers from key markets for Slovenian tourism with a good viral reach, who had already cycled around Slovenia ahead of the race. From a total of 50 applicants, five persons selected from France, Sweden and Poland visited Slovenia.

"Slovenia has everything a mountain biker could wish for. From nice steep mountains to abandoned mining tunnels where one can cycle. Good beer and friendly people. It’s perfect for cyclists and nature lovers," was how Sweden’s Leon Grimaldi, mountain biker, photographer and director of Edge Magazine, summarised his experience. Dutchman Steven Rose visited Cerkno, the Škocjan Caves, the Vipava Valley, Ljubljana and Kranjska Gora, and he also found a hidden treasure: "It’s a route from Bohinj to Cerkno with some lonely villages, exceptional views, small rivers and streams, and lush greenery. I’ll return soon."

Text by Vesna Žarkovič