The Slovenian pavilion at EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China

The journey through seven 'books'

Photo: Japti

July 2010

Inside the pavilion, the first book contains a replica of the famous green table lamp designed by the architect Jože Plečnik, complemented by a replica of the Abecedarium, as an important document of Slovenian history.

The second book is dedicated to modern Slovenian artists, designers, actors, etc.

The third book presents Slovenian tourism via a DVD presentation featuring all the country's natural and other attractions and all the regions of Slovenia.

The fourth book is dedicated to water and water transport. The accompanying video presentation focuses on water in Slovenia: rivers, lakes, the sea and watercraft.

The fifth book draws visitors' attention to Slovenia's unique Karst region.

The sixth book is dedicated to living. The video presentation shows both modern architectural solutions in the Slovenian environment and the historical characteristics of the Slovenian countryside and regions.

The seventh and last book is dedicated to the Slovenian space pioneer Herman Potočnik Noordung. The video presentation offers information about Herman Potočnik Noordung and the age he lived in and looks at his ideas for space stations.


Photo: Japti

The time of the end of time

The number eight is a lucky number in China and in fact the Slovenian pavilion features eight stations or books.

The introductory book differs from the other seven and is situated at the pavilion entrance. It symbolises the book by Slavoj Žižek. Visitors can take away their own copy of his essay The Time of the End of Time, written especially for Slovenia's appearance at EXPO 2010.

Accompanying events

The visit by a group of kurents from Slovenia (members of the Kurent Society in Ptuj) was proof of how features specific to individual countries can attract numerous visitors and draw in passers-by. Slavoj Žižek's lecture to a packed hall demonstrated that accompanying events are an excellent way of promoting our country and are positively received by visitors.

Over 70 million visitors

The Expo runs for six months, from 1 May to 31 October, with over 70 million visitors expected during this time.

Text by Polona Jerina, Sinfo, July 2010