The new production line of Renault’s model BJA

The Prime Minister at the opening of new production line of Renault’s model BJA

At the opening ceremony of the new production line of Renault’s model BJA (the fifth generation of the Clio), Prime Minister Marjan Šarec honoured the official start of serial production of the aforementioned vehicle at Revoz in Novo Mesto with an address. The Slovenian Government has provided Revoz with a financial incentive amounting to EUR 6 million for the implementation of this project.

Prime Minister Šarec noted in his address that Revoz is a factory with long tradition, with this year marking its 60th anniversary in Slovenia, and that we are all proud of this achievement. “Things are developing and that drives us to new discoveries and goals. A new era also awaits automotive enthusiasts, with internal combustion engines essentially unchanged for a hundred years. That puts us at a turning point where we should start looking for new technologies and be more aware of environmental protection. Clio Series 5, which will be given an official green light today, will take into account all these points.”
Prime Minister Šarec pointed out that the Slovenian government has always supported development and new technologies, and that Slovenia is proud of its high-quality workforce. “Our people have both knowledge and experience, but most importantly, they are loyal. Loyal to the idea and collective, as well as to the environment.”

He also reminded his audience that Slovenia will always support foreign investment, as development is not possible without such investment and cooperation. He finished his address with the statement that today’s event represents a valuable new asset, important for all of us, as it will help redefine the borders of development in the automotive industry.

After the conclusion of all the speeches and launch of the production line, the Prime Minister toured the facility together with the Economic Development and Technology Minister Zdravko Počivalšek and representatives of the company, and afterwards took a ride in one of the new Cilos.

Source: Slovenia Weekly