The #IfeelsLOVEnia National Campaign

#ifeelsLOVEnia, or Two Million Reasons Why We Feel Slovenia

“Two million reasons that describe Slovenia’s beauty, its trees and crystal clear rivers, lakes and sea. Home is where your breath is taken away, where you become one with nature, where you are inspired by the greenery…”

This is the intro to Zlatko’s (Zlatan Čordić, a Slovenian rap artist) adaptation of his own song, making it about Slovenia, which he first performed at the beginning of June when the national campaign named “Two Million Reasons Why We Feel Slovenia” began. With this, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) wants to contribute to the country’s popularity abroad and encourage its residents to become active promoters of their country’s beauty.

Home country ambassadors

Any country can have no better ambassadors than its people. Slovenia proved this more than 30 years ago with the exceptional slogans “Slovenia, My Country”, “People are Tourism” and “Slovenia: The Sunny Side of the Alps”, which inspired a widespread emotional response and which still evoke fond memories in Slovenian people. While the methods of promotion have since changed, recommendations by friends and acquaintances are still the most appreciated when people choose their holiday destinations, along with targeted marketing and promotional activities in the digital environment.


“The opportunity to represent Slovenia abroad and to be its ambassador of Slovenian tourism is an honour and a privilege. I‘m proud to be able to introduce foreign visitors to this green, active and healthy country, whose goal is to become a global, sustainability-oriented and five-star destination,” said Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, at the campaign’s launch on 6 June at Tivoli Castle in Ljubljana.

“By discovering the lesser-known gems of Slovenia, we are encouraging both local and foreign guests to visit these spots, enjoy them, and then share their experiences. This kind of a promotion is priceless, as it is genuine and sincere, and at the same time all those who share their experiences on social media instantly become ambassadors for Slovenia and Slovenian tourism. I believe that with the help of our partners and by using the most modern platforms, this campaign has incredible potential,” said Maja Pak, STB’s director.

A challenge for those who love Slovenia

The national promotional campaign “Two Million Reasons Why We Feel Slovenia” is present on today’s key communication channels: the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and on the main Slovenian tourist information website,

As part of the campaign, STB is inviting the public to share photos, videos and their reasons why they “feel Slovenia” on social media using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia. This way, they can instantly become ambassadors of Slovenian tourism and promoters of the country’s beauty. STB then shares selected posts on its social media pages for everyone who loves or is interested in Slovenia, has visited the country or wants to in the future.

The “Make new memories in Slovenia & share them with us” global digital campaign is how STB connects with foreign visitors. They are also invited to share their impressions, experiences and fond memories from their time in Slovenia. STB has also invited the Slovenian tourist sector and tourist destinations to actively participate by encouraging their guests to use the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia. STB has prepared green, heart-shaped stickers with the hashtag for this purpose, which can be handed out to the guests or placed in visible spots.

Text by Ana Savšek/STB

Photo: STB Archives