Slovenia to host the 2021 Europa Cantat Festival

This year Slovenia is an honorary guest at the largest European Choir Festival Europa Cantat that is currently taking place in Tallinn, Estonia. Slovenia will be the host of the forthcoming 2021 Europa Cantat Festival. In Tallinn, the Slovenian House is full of visitors enjoying in various fun and promotional activities all day. Among other things, they can learn to sing  Slovenian songs, relax in "choir wellness" and take the Do you feel Slovenia? quiz.

Europa Cantat, the largest gathering of choirs in Europe, is held every three years in a selected European city, this year's in Talinn is already the 20th. Every year more than 3,500 singers, choir leaders, composers and other music lovers from all over the world attend the festival. In just over a week, numerous concerts, choral workshops and lectures take place. A special feature is the everyday mass singing outdoors, where singers also connect with the local people.

Slovenia will host of the festival for the first time. The hosting of the festival will allow Slovenia to develop a singing culture as an international brand. The festival in 2021 coincides with the beginning of Slovenia's EU presidency and the 30th anniversary of Slovenia's independence. The Europa Cantat 2021 festival is supported by the City of Ljubljana and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Slovenian choir at 20th Europa Cantat in Tallinn. Photo: Janez Eržen

Source and photos: Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia