Culture Walk

Signpost on a walk through capital

Ljubljana boasts an exceptionally diverse and rich cultural offer, with plenty of events to visit in the summer time. A convenient advantage of a small city is that the story of culture can be concentrated and enjoyed on foot - those interested can upgrade a random walk around the city and take a Culture Walk instead. Based on this advantage, an idea was triggered at the company TAM TAM (poster advertising specialists) and consequently a project was created, inspiring visitors of Ljubljana to indulge in culture.

The rich cultural offer can now be found on the information poster "Culture Walk". The poster informs passers-by about current events and exhibitions in more than 20 cultural institutions around Ljubljana. The main objective of the project is to draw attention to less noticeable parts of the city which are also interesting and well worth visiting.

The "Culture Walk" poster was illustrated and developed by TAM-TAM's regular external associates Anja Delbello & Aljaž Vesel. Photo: Matjaž Tavčar

Project recognized as opportunity

The "Culture Walk" project includes: National Museum of Contemporary History, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Švicarija Creative Centre, National Museum of Slovenia - Metelkova, Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Centre of Urban Culture Kino Šiška (DobraVaga Gallery), Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana City Hall, City Art gallery, Ljubljana Castle, Kinodvor, Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre, Jakopič Gallery, TAM-TAM Street Gallery, Ljubljana Festival (Križanke), City Museum of Ljubljana, Galerija Fotografija Gallery, Kinodvor Cinema, Plečnik House and SLOGI – Slovenian Theatre Institute.

All involved partners are pleased with the outcomes of the project: 

»National Gallery is within the 10 minute circle, on the border between the vivacious city centre and the calmness of Park Tivoli. The well-designed map, created by TAM-TAM, connects us all and we are happy to observe that our gallery is full of visitors during the summer, probably due to the exceptional exhibition of the renown Slovenian painter Ivana Kobilica (1870-1900), who belonged to the realism period. « (National Gallery)

»We instantly welcomed the initiative of connecting Ljubljana's cultural institutions with the intention of persuading residents and visitors of the city to visit us. Ljubljana's artistic and cultural program is varied and interesting and institutions are within walking distance from each other. The project involves clear information and direct messaging and invites passers-by to discover and explore cultural institutions and their events. « (Kino Šiška and DobraVaga)

Connecting physical activity and cultural pleasures

A short 20-minute walk and a lot of new knowledge is an accurate description of the benefits the project brings. It should also be pointed out that this is an innovative approach which significantly contributes to the development of cultural tourism. At the same time it is also important for raising cultural awareness of all those who walk along the streets of Ljubljana. Instead of sitting somewhere drinking coffee you can order a cup of "coffee to go" and enjoy in exploring the stories of Ljubljana and Slovenia. Afterwards, you can enjoy in culinary delights in one of the Ljubljana's restaurants. Such a day will surely fill you with pleasant memories which will stay with you for a long time. To top it all off, do not forget to buy some souvenirs in the galleries or museums you decide to visit. They will remind you of your cultural explorations and perhaps inspire your family and friends to visit Ljubljana's Culture Walk. 

Text by Tanja Glogovčan

Source: TAM TAM