Matevž Lenarčič started a special environmental mission

April 2018

The Slovenian aviation and climate researcher Matevž Lenarčič started a flight from Maribor airport to a new environmental mission with an ultralight aircraft. This time, Asia will overtake more than 20,000 kilometers in length...

The Planica Nordic Centre

March 2018

The Biennial Maks Fabiani Award for outstanding works in urban, regional and spatial planning was presented to the Planica Nordic Centre. The same project previously won a Plečnik Award.

New opportunities for preserving and developing cultural heritage

March 2018

The European Year of Cultural Heritage highlights the fact that our common cultural heritage is both local and European, and employs this dimension in facing some current challenges: on the one hand it sets up new opportunities...

Paralympic athlete Jernej Slivnik to date the best Slovenian Paralympic athlete

March 2018

Paralympic Games in PyeongChang have ended. Young skier, the only Slovenian representative and Paralympic debutant Jernej Slivnik ranked 12th in the slalom. This is also the highest ranking of Slovenian Paralympic athletes to...

Museums as representatives of the Slovenian national being and consciousness

March 2018

Among the forerunners of museum professionals in Slovenia we may rank Janez Vajkard Valvazor (1641 – 1693), and his extensive and rich collections. These comprised more than ten thousand books, graphic prints by foreign masters,...

National Gallery celebrates its 100th anniversary

March 2018

The National Gallery of Slovenia is the country’s principal institution dedicated to fine art from earlier periods, housing the largest art collection in the country, dating from the High Middle Ages to the 20th century. This...

St Gregory's Day – “Light on the water"

March 2018

Today on St Gregory's Day children still launch tiny ships, boats, houses and other objects, with little candles lit on them, along rivers, streams, ponds and water channels. In some places this custom has an especially...

Slovenian athlete Jernej Slivnik to compete at the PyeongChang Paralympics

March 2018

After the Winter Olympics in South Korea, PyeongChang will now welcome Paralympic athletes at the opening of their Games on 9 March. Among the competitors will be Jernej Slivnik, the 17-year old Slovenian para-skier and student...