Storks nesting in Prekmurje. Photo: Jože Pojbič

From Prlekija, the path leads us to the River Mura. From the left riverbank to the Austrian and Hungarian border lies the region known as Prekmurje. We could say that the region is Slovenia’s gateway to the great Pannonian Plain. Prekmurje is a flat land covered by cornfields, characterised by long roadside villages visited by storks, which return there each year.

Prekmurje used to be an important centre for the potter’s trade. In the village of Bogojina, a famous church was built between 1925 and 1927, designed by the architect Jože Plečnik, who decorated its interior with local pottery items.  

The 12th century Romanesque rotunda in Selo, Prekmurje. Photo: Jože Pojbič

The Romanesque rotunda with interesting frescoes at Selo is another fascinating site. Of a number of floating mills that were once in use on the River Mura, the only operational mill is at Ižakovci.

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