Škofja Loka. The appearance of the old town core is maily from the early 16th century. A number of Škofja Loka houses used to have facades and the town was also referred to as "Pinted" Loka. Photo: UKOM archive

The north-western part of Slovenia is Alpine and is known as Gorenjska. For centuries, it has been the most developed Slovenian region, with the longest tradition in tourism. It boasts several towns with beautiful historic centres, such as Škofja Loka, Radovljica, Kranj, Kamnik and Tržič.

Kropa and Kamna gorica were centres of iron forging, nail-making and blacksmithing, while the ironworks at Jesenice, the region’s largest, date from more recent times. The town of Jesenice is also the cradle of Slovenian ice-hockey.

Planica. Photo: Darinka Mladenovič/STO

Gorenjska is synonymous with winter sports. Numerous ski resorts and the world-famous ski-jumping hills at Planica are all essential elements of the region’s winter image. Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gora have for many years been among the most popular Slovenian tourist destinations.

The town of Kranj, the industrial and business hub of Gorenjska, is the seat of many successful companies.

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