Prekmurska gibanica - Dessert from Prekmurje Protected by EU

Prekmurska gibanica - dessert from Prekmurje protected by EU.

March 2010

Prekmurska gibanica, a cake originating from the northeastern region of Prekmurje, has joined the EU list of traditional dishes whose recipe and traditional way of making are protected.

So far, the European Commission has registered idrijski zlikrofi, a type of ravioli from the western town of Idrija, as a Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) from Slovenia.

Apart from the TSG list, products and foodstuffs can also get registered as Protected Designations of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication in the EU.

According to information available on the European Commission website, the only other Slovenian product or foodstuff registered in such a way is extra-virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria, which has a Protected Designation of Origin.

Several other Slovenian traditional foodstuffs are waiting to be registered by the Commission, among them several types of cheese, ham, pumpkin seed oil, prosciutto and bread.

Another Slovenian dish is expected to be registered this month - belokranjska pogača, a type of bread typical of the south-eastern region of Bela krajina. (Source: STA, 4 March 2010)