Frika. Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

Frika is grated cheese fried in fat, with various combinations of potato, eggs, bacon, salami, cottage cheese or sausage. It actually originates in Friuli-Venezia Guilia in Italy, but is very popular in this part of the Soča valley.


5 eggs

60 dg grated Tolmin cheese

40 dg peeled and thinly sliced potato

5 dg fat, lard, bacon or oil

Pinch of salt

Salt the potato lightly and fry in the fat in a frying pan.

Whisk the eggs, add the grated cheese, pour over the potato and mix well.

Grill on one side, turn over and then grill on the other side. Serve.


Source: Janez Bogataj, Taste Slovenia, Ljubljana 2007