Treats from Bovec and its surroundings

Čompe na skuti - Potatoes with cottage cheese.

February 2010

Bovec and its surroundings are attractive for the unspoilt and wild nature, the mountains and the emerald Soča, the gentle, unique interweaving of the Alpine and Mediterranean climate, centuries of maintained tradition, genuine people, their outstanding hospitality and of course their excellent food.

When a link was established at the beginning of January between the ski slopes of Kanin on the Slovenian side and the Italian Sella Nevea, Bovec and its surroundings became an even more attractive destination.

Lovers of nature will be enchanted by the numerous hiking trails strung out through the hills that surround Bovec. Bovec is also an adrenaline paradise in what it offers for rafting along the Soča, canyoning, hydrospeed and other adrenaline-pumping pursuits.

Bovec cheese (bovški sir). Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

Above Bovec and in the surrounding areas there are numerous sheep pastures, and dairy herding is still pursued there. For that reason the best-known culinary treats are linked to it. Various cheeses and other dairy products are an indispensable part of the food. These include for instance Tolmin cheese (tolminc), which bears a geographical indication of origin label.

Meanwhile Bovec cheese (bovški sir) is also protected with a geographical indication. Nowadays Bovec cheese is only made on Mangartska Planina, in Loška Koritnica and Krnica It pure sheep’s cheese, characterised by an aromatic, full and even slightly tangy taste and smell.

Dining tables in the Bovec area commonly offer (maize) polenta and potatoes (čompe) with the addition of dairy products (cottage cheese and cheese). Another typical dish is pickled turnip with smoked pork ribs and budlji. Many dishes are based on cheese and cottage cheese.

Another true delight is the Soča trout, which is, however, ranked among the endangered fish species and is protected.

Those with a sweet tooth will drool at the dessert dumplingsAnd of course the local potica cake, a must for major holidays. And pancakes with cottage cheese, jam, strawberries and raspberries, jam pastries, fried pastries including with leavened dough, doughnuts and meat-stuffed ocvirkovca bread, while the potica cakes feature lovage and tarragon stuffing.

Text by Polona Prešeren, Sinfo February 2010