Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria. Photo: Katarina Krmelj

In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are pleasantly surprised by new and different culinary delicacies and by the autochthonous wines along the numerous Wine Roads that crisscross its three winegrowing regions. Slovene wines are popularly served with homemade sausage specialties, karst prsut (prosciutto) dried in the bora wind, and other original Slovene dishes.


Slovenian Ana Roš declared world's best female chef

January 2017

Chef Ana Roš of the Hiša Franko restaurant in the western town of Kobarid has put Slovenian cuisine on the map by becoming the World's Best Female Chef. The World's 50 Best Restaurants culinary portal picked her for the...

Mini poticas are conquering Slovenia

December 2016

As tradition goes, no holiday in Slovenia passes without potica – a cake which is traditional to this country. Christmas holidays, in particular, are not to be celebrated without true Slovenian potica.

Women and wine of Goriška brda in Ljubljana

August 2014

That for every successful wine producers is even more successful woman prove women winemakers from Goriška brda, province in south-west Slovenia near the border with Italy, famous for its fine wines. For several years in a row...[more]

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