The Charms of Crafts

Slovenians know how to create art out of everything they love. In addition to artists with various skills and crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation they are also successful in many modern art forms accessible to all generations.


Carnival character Kurent

February 2018

The wandering kurent figures rank among the more visible traditional Shrovetide Carnival customs in Slovenia, and the kurent is the most recognisable Carnival character, with records of his appearance dating back to 1880. The...

Castles of Slovenia - Crowns above the city

July 2017

Slovenia is truly a fairy-tale country. Its landscape is dotted with castles, manor houses and fortresses that conceal stirring stories of the past behind their walls. Some castles have been renovated and converted into museums,...

Amber year - Novo mesto in the colours of amber

May 2017

The world's largest and most important deposits of amber – the fossilised resin of coniferous trees – lie in the Baltic region, where amber has been harvested and extracted for millennia. Part of the Amber Road that linked the...

Kurent - Traditional Slovenian Carnival character

February 2017

The Shrovetide Carnival of Pust is fast approaching, and in some strongly traditional Slovenian towns preparations are already under way to drive out the winter.

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