Student life

Students can get a Visiting Student ID Card in order to buy foodcoupons and to obtain several student discounts (for sports activities, cultural events, shows, concerts etc.) at the International Office of the Students’ Organisation.

The status of a student is demonstrated with a university student card. The content and the form of the student card are determined by a special regulation.

ŠOU Ljubljana 

The Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana - ŠOU Ljubljana organises weekly meetings for all incoming students where students can pick up all sorts of information about sports activities, pub-crawls and weekend trips around Slovenia that will soon get them acquainted with Slovenia, its people and culture.

Activities of ŠOU Ljubljana

In order to realise the objectives for which it was founded, ŠOU Ljubljana performs the following functions and activities:

  • it represents student interests and works for their realisation,
  • it organises and implements activities for students and supports student activities in the fields of culture, sport, education, technology, tourism, international cooperation, public media, civil initiatives and other interest areas of students of the University of Ljubljana.

The permanent activities of ŠOU Ljubljana are carried out by: the Student Advice Service, which offers social and legal advice and a free room exchange (m2), Student Food, which sells vouchers for student meals, KISS (the ŠOU Ljubljana communications and information centre), which offers students free access to the internet and an electronic mailbox, the Ljubljana Secondary School Pupils' Association, and the Information Office, which keeps students informed about ŠOU Ljubljana's projects and activities.

ŠOU Ljubljana is one of the most representative university student organisations in Europe.

ŠOU Maribor 

The Student Organisation of University of Maribor (SOUM) is an association of students of University of Maribor.

SOUM provides different student extra curicullum activities, and also delivers student policy on the areas of education, international co-operation, social and economical welfare of students.

ŠOU Primorska 

Student Organization of University of Primorska (SOUP) is a society of students studying at University of Primorska. It is the youngest student organization in Slovenia and was founded immediately after the founding of the third Slovene university in March 2003 and was acknowledged by Student Organization of Slovenia (ŠOS) in the beginning of 2004.

Zveza študentskih klubov Slovenije  (Zveza ŠKIS)

ŠKIS (Zveza študentskih klubov Slovenije) is a national-level student organisation connecting local student clubs throughout Slovenia, currently associating 55 member student clubs. ŠKIS’s main goal is providing information, knowledge and support to it’s local member clubs, which then provide various activities for the local students, covering virtually all student population in Slovenia. We also represent our interests within the SSU (Slovenian Student Union) towards the government and other organizations. The organization is divided in two parts. The political part and part that is taking care of the projects. 


Študentska organizacija Slovenije  - Slovenian Student Union (Slovenian only)