Photo: Primož Lavre

There are two main options concerning accommodation:

  • to rent a room in a student residence hall (a limited number of beds is available so an early-booking system is in place);
  • to rent a private room or flat.

Foreign students can stay in a hall of residence only if they are recipients of a scholarship from the Slovenian Government or any of the Slovenian Ministries or if this is stated in bilateral or other international agreements.

Slovenes without Slovenian citizenship can apply for a bed in student residence under the same conditions as other Slovenian students. Since some higher education and research institutions provide their international students and researchers with lodgings, check with your host institution whether they can be of help.

Students who do not meet any of the above criteria must find other accommodation.

There is a high demand for accommodation in September and October, which also raises the prices. When arranging private accommodation make sure that you have a clear understanding of costs as you are often expected to pay additional monthly expenses after rent (e.g. water, electricity). A deposit or advance payment for a few months is required by most owners.