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The promotional events for the 2013 European Basketball Championship, the biggest sporting event in Slovenia, have caught the eye of the whole of Europe because of their originality and innovativeness. The first shots into a hoop were taken in a cave 60 metres under ground, then at sea level (0 metres), and finally on the highest Slovenian peak, 2,864 metres above sea level. EuroBasket is also an organisational success story.

Basketball game at sea.

It all started less than a year ago with the attractive draw for EuroBasket 2013, which for the first time in the history of the competition took place under ground, in the large Concert Hall of Postojna Cave. The draw put the Slovenian national basketball team in Group C with Spain, Croatia, Poland, Georgia and the Czech Republic. It was also the first time a basketball game had been played in the karst underground. The game featured six legendary former Slovenian national team players, who played three on three. Roman Horvat will be remembered as first basketball scorer in the first ‘underground’ game in the history of basketball. The game was played so fast that the scorekeepers could not keep score, so there was no official winner. The entire spectacle enjoyed extensive media coverage both in Slovenia and abroad, as it was attended by about 150 Slovenian and foreign journalists. 

After the historic underground basketball game, the EuroBasket 2013 team prepared another ground-breaking event: the first basketball game at sea. This unique event took place on the largest raft in Slovenia, with a real basketball court on board. The competing teams featured basketball legends from three Adriatic countries, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. They played three games with two ten-minute halves. The Slovenian team beat the Italians, but fell to the Croatians, who also beat the Italians to win the tournament. The spectacle took place 300 m off coast at Koper on a 1,500 kg floating platform, 40 m long, 20 m wide and 3 m high. Since it was not possible to set up seating places on the platform, the guests viewed the event from a catamaran, the Prince of Venice. According to Raša Nesterovič, the captain of the Slovenian team, the event was proof of the excellent neighbourly relations between Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

Draw in the Postojna Cave.
Lipko climbed Mt Triglav.

The fans’ enthusiasm did not flag even in the warm-up matches. In these matches, Slovenia beat all their opponents except the Serbian and the French teams.

Slovenia even won the match against the seemingly invincible Russians, who completely outplayed the Slovenian side in the first quarter in Tivoli Hall; but at the end, the Slovenians did manage to win their eighth victory. Between halves, the match was honoured by a visit from the golden generation of the Yugoslav basketball team, who at the invitation of the Slovenian President, Borut Pahor, and the Slovenian Basketball Association, gathered 43 years later in Tivoli Hall, where they won the World Championship in 1970. To honour their exceptional success, which contributed to the development of basketball, the audience gave them standing ovations.

The promotional activities before EuroBasket 2013 reached their peak one day before the championship began. Lipko (the mascot) organised a special campaign with the help of the championship organisers, and set up a basket at 2,864 m above sea level, directly beneath Aljaž’s Tower. He scored with his first shot, the first basketball score ever achieved on Mt Triglav. This was Lipko’s way of wishing all the players and fans a successful and interesting EuroBasket 2013.

The opening of EuroBasket 2013 took place in Congress Square, where the official speaker was Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, who stressed that we can be proud of the Slovenian basketball team players; however, it is our commitment and duty to make them proud of their country.
In conclusion, we can rightly say that Slovenia has proven once again that the Slovenian people love sports, are very hospitable and know how to organise and promote such an extensive event successfully.

Slovenia is the host country of the European Basketball Championships, which will take place between 4th and 22nd September 2013.

It's the biggest sport event in Slovenia so far and the pulse of basketball can be felt everywhere.

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I feel Slovenia ft. Wood Stock for Tony Parker

Wooden glasses for basketball star.

In the framework of promotional activities organised for the European basketball championship by the Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and related to the promotion of the 'I Feel Slovenia' brand, a special event took place at the friendly match between Slovenia and France. Slovenia, the host country of Eurobasket, presented French basketball star Tony Parker with wooden glasses manufactured especially for him by the young design group Wood Stock.

On behalf of Slovenia, Parker was handed the glasses by Rašo Nesterović, a Slovenian basketball player and Parker's former teammate. The glasses are a unique recycled product made of old wood. Wood is a magnificent natural asset of Slovenia and traditionally present in almost every Slovenian home. This led to the idea of a unique and original present that links the tradition and modernity in the spirit of the Slovenian national brand, and reflects Slovenia's boutique character and handicrafts.

Rašo Nesterović and Tony Parker

As more than two thirds of Slovenia is covered with forests, green is the predominant colour. We like to call it 'Slovenian green', and it tells a story about unspoilt nature and our desire to keep it in such condition. Slovenia ranks third in Europe by the share of wooded areas; to put it simply, forests grow almost everywhere.

Slovenians are closely connected with sport. Our story is also a story of sport – exercise fills us with vigour and gives us the energy necessary for recreational and professional goals. We excel at sports: we ski and climb where no one has before; we swim and cycle for longer distances than anyone else. We not only overcome natural laws and limits: we discover and extend them. Slovenia radiates a special sport energy because its people are constantly in motion and in touch with nature. Sport is a part of Slovenian identity and an indispensable element of the Slovenian brand and its green colour.

The green at the core of the national brand 'I feel Slovenia' has a particular place in the hearts of Slovenians – it reflects the balance between nature and society and the assiduity of Slovenians. The Slovenian green also characterises the Slovenian people's orientation to the elements, that is, to what can be felt in their hands. The diverse landscape has marked a rich natural and cultural tradition, giving rise to the creativity of its people and inspiring different artists. Last but not least, the memory of Slovenia combines the scent of the forest, the murmur of the brook, the remarkable taste of its water and the softness of wood. We feel Slovenia.

Why wooden glasses?

The answer is self-evident: wood is the most prominent Slovenian natural asset traditionally related to Slovenian creativity. Wood has never been merely a building and heating material; it represents the warmth of home and a material for creativity. Throughout the centuries, the linden crown and leaf has reflected the Slovenian national identity. The linden tree has been and remains a vital symbol of Slovenia. Wild cherry is another tree with a long history and tradition. Each Slovenian owns a wooden kitchenware item, a toy or another traditional wooden product. This led to the idea of a unique and original present that links the tradition and modernity in the spirit of the Slovenian national brand, and reflects Slovenia's boutique character expressed in handmade items.

Wood Stock, a young design group, made the wooden glasses for Tony Parker from cherry and linden wood; they are almost entirely hand made. The new model of glasses developed for Tony Parker will be manufactured in only nine exclusive copies: two will be kept by the company, five will be sold at auctions, and one will be reserved for a presentation on a special opportunity. The glasses have the 'I feel Slovenia' logo and the basketball star's signature 'branded' on the inner side of the temples.

The package is a unique product of its own, too. It resembles a wooden house and is made of wild cherry wood, in fact of a discarded old chest.



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