Traditional Slovenian Breakfast day in kindergartens and primary schools

December 2011

On 18 November the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project was carried out in kindergartens and primary schools throughout Slovenia. During the first hour of school, children breakfasted on brown bread, honey, butter, milk and apples, all of which were of Slovenian origin. Many well-known faces joined them for this meal, which acquainted them with a healthy way of eating.

Farmers, agricultural companies, food-processing companies and beekeepers contributed 19 165 kilograms of bread, 2 683 kilograms of butter, 53 663 litres of milk, 3 220 kilograms of honey and 32 040 kilograms of apples. A total of 828 primary schools and 707 kindergartens participated in the project.

A list of all the farmers and companies contributing their products and participating in the project is published at .

Many people from the world of politics and sport supported the project by visiting primary schools and kindergartens. The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project was initiated by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, later joined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food; the Ministry of Education and Sport; the Ministry of Health; the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia; the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia; and the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia.

The main goal of the project, which is to be a recurring event, is to educate, inform and raise the awareness of the youngest children and children of school age, and to some extent also the general public, on the importance of breakfast for our eating habits, on the importance and advantages of locally produced food, and on the importance of agriculture and beekeeping.

The Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia warns that balanced nutrition is very important whilst growing up. Breakfast has beneficial effects on our health, even if we only eat it four or five times a week. It should consist of complete cereal products (wholemeal bread, porridge, etc.), protein foods (milk and dairy products), vegetables and fruit.

The project is in line with nutrition development in Slovenia and, from an agricultural point of view, is particularly important because it informs children on how food is grown and processed, and of the importance of locally produced food.
The project was very well received by the children. At some schools and kindergartens, children enhanced the event with various art and cultural activities. They have responded in great numbers to the competition published in the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast newsletter.

Text by Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food, Sinfo, December 2011 
Photo:  Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food archive