Eco Civil Initiative – more than just concern for the environment

October 2012

The Eco Civil Initiative, or ECOCI, is becoming an increasingly prominent player in care for the environment. The Eco Civil Initiative believes that Slovenia is a wonderful natural environment, and that it depends on us to protect this Garden of Eden and preserve its features and potentials. Respect for nature and people, natural endowments and the upgrading of knowledge by taking into account the facts and current conditions are therefore the common goals of all who are involved in this initiative.

Photo: ECOCI archive

The purpose of ECOCI is to connect all interested parties and to spread awareness of the importance of caring for the environment in which we live.

The participating members of the Eco Civil Initiative are committed to pursuing meaningful ends in accordance with ethical principles. They highlight the importance of self-sufficiency in food, and energy and economic independence. They respect nature, people and tradition. They also contribute to the changing of values and mentalities, to strengthening awareness of the need to assume responsibility for the self-sustainability of individuals and local communities in terms of sustainable ways of producing food and the rational use of energy. In cooperation with others, they also encourage the integration of people, institutions, knowledge and other entities at all levels for the present and future generations.

How do they work?

Photo: ECOCI archive

In Slovenia, there are already many good practices in place among individuals, groups, institutions and other players in terms of personal and social life. Due to the flood of information and various topical themes, the Civil Initiative performs periodic checks and regularly exchanges information and opinions. It tries to find and use the best positive solutions and apply them in everyday life. It gathers examples of good practices and publishes useful links and information, encourages critical thinking and searches for good solutions that may be helpful to individuals.

Members and supporters of ECOCI meet regularly every other week-end, to jointly determine where and what might be improved. They believe that one should provide for one's own self-sufficiency in food, energy and health in order to preserve independence, freedom and happiness. Together with the most advanced experts, modern farmers and media support, they strive to promote activities aimed at increasing self-sufficiency in food by taking specific actions such as the 'Seed Relay', 'Ekofejst' and sustainable food production workshops.


Photo: ECOCI archive

The Civil Initiative has engaged in a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of self-sustainability and safe food for the future. Its workshops and lectures organised throughout Slovenia aroused the interest, not only of the population in general, but also of politicians.

ECOCI's wish is to achieve 100% self-sufficiency in sustainably produced food. To that end, it invests heavily in activities aimed at educating and connecting, and in presentations of good practices in cooperation with experts. It also promotes food production among children, adults, cultivators of small garden plots, farmers, institutions, group food producers, etc.

Text by Polona Prešeren, M.Sc, Sinfo, October 2012  
Photo: ECOCI archive