Live and work

Free movement of workers applies between Slovenia and all EU member states. If you are a citizen of an EU member state, a work permit is not required to enter the Slovenian labour market, and you can apply for job vacancies under equal conditions. If you are a citizen of a third country that is not an EU member state, you may gain employment in Slovenia only on the basis of a work permit, which is issued in accordance with Slovenian national legislation.

In the section more information regarding the working and living conditions in Slovenia can be found.


Secure old age for all generations

October 2010

Slovenia is facing a new reform of the pension system. On 9 September, the Government approved the draft compulsory pension insurance act and sent it for parliamentary discussion. There are widely divergent opinions among the...

Modernisation of the Pensions System in Slovenia

November 2009

The basic aims of the modernisation of the pension system are decent and adequate pensions, the financial sustainability of the pensions system for future generations, an increase in the share of active insured persons,...