The I feel Slovenia national brand is used since 2007. The brand was created to improve Slovenia's competitiveness in different fields. The slogan of the I feel Slovenia brand is not a coincidence: Slovenia cannot be presented with a simple image, we have to feel and sense Slovenia – with words, sounds, colours, touch, actions and experience.

I feel Slovenia is a brand of emotions which distinguishes Slovenia from other countries.

The power of the brand depends on the commitment of different national authorities, economy, tourism, cultural and scientific institutions and citizens to use the brand. The use and application of the brand mean that the Slovenians live in our own way - what we are and what Slovenia is.

This brand will grow stronger and more recognized in the world if we will live it and complete it with our interests.

Why does Slovenia need a brand?

Like all economical and political subjects, countries also face different effects in the world of globalisation, especially through an increased competition. The countries are also subject to an increased competition.

A strong national brand gives the country and its products and services an additional strength. Just like other countries, Slovenia has to strengthen its position in the world map. The I feel Slovenia brand therefore defines and emphasizes typical features which are common to all this areas. It shows the Slovenian characteristics and places Slovenia in the world map.

The brands which are strong and successful are well-accepted among their users; the citizens, visitors, tourists, investors, media etc. The success of the brand is strongly connected with the image or the credibility of the country at home and abroad. This is what the I feel Slovenia brand wants to achieve.

How was the brand born?

The brand reflects what we are, what we do in life, what we are good at, what are our strengths and what we are capable of achieving as a nation.

The representatives of different fields cooperated in the creation of the brand – economy, tourism, culture, science, sports, politics and public sphere. We wanted to achieve that the Slovenia brand really reflects everything that Slovenia is. A broad approach to the concept of the essence of the brand means that the Slovenians are aware of the content of our brand.

The essence of the brand

Photo: Domen Grögl/Mostphotos

Green is the base of the I FEEL SLOVENIA brand. In Slovenia, green is more than just a colour – it is "Slovenian green". The colour which reflects the balance between the serenity of the nature and the ambitions of the Slovenians is the key element of the identity of the I feel Slovenia national brand. It talks about the unspoiled nature and our determination to keep it this way and plan our development with nature.

The choice of green is clear as it reflects the vast forest (two thirds of Slovenia are covered in forest), the unspoiled nature and the focus to keep it this way. It symbolises the balance of lifestyle which unites the pleasant excitement, which helps us achieve personal wishes, with a common vision to move on, hand in hand with nature. Slovenian green describes our striving for the basics, for what we can feel in our hands. Slovenian green talks about the harmony of all senses which help us to experience Slovenia.

Brand identity

The basic elements of the history of the brand, which are also the fundamentals of the brand's identity, are:

  • The eagerness to what we love.
  • Slovenia is different and you can feel it.
  • Slovenia encourages you to start doing what you want.
  • We have a vision of a green boutique.

Our mission is clear – to go forward with nature (development with the nature).

All these elements give Slovenia a special cachet. Through and with these elements and with their interconnection, we create harmonised stories and build the Slovenian experience which we already live. It partly represents our common wish for the Slovenian development.

The vision of the brand

We want to become the country which would be the role model for the quality of life. We try to achieve this by striving for the organic development which is the core of our vision. The organic development can be achieved with specific niche economic orientation. We support technological progress which helps us move on, hand in hand with nature.

We want to create conditions for a responsible approach to Slovenia we all want for our children and contribute to preserve and develop the quality of life.

We take up business goals with eagerness. One of our key values is responsibility. We want to invest in activities at which we excel and support innovativeness, creativity, knowledge and the Slovenian comparative advantages.

So far, Slovenia has systematically introduced the I feel Slovenia brand in tourism, it is more and more used in sports, while the future goals and activities also strive to implement the brand in other areas.