Made in Slovenia

Futuristic kitchen Gorenje Ora-Ito. Photo: Gorenje

Chief Slovene industries produce electrical equipment, electronics, trucks, chemicals, processed food, textiles, paper and paper products, and wood products. Ferrous metallurgy and rolling mill products, aluminum reduction and rolled products, and lead and zinc smelting are also developed.

The economy is geared towards services, and Slovenia can boast top-class services in the field of information technology. It also has developed pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing.

Other major economic sectors include the food industry, electrical devices, metal processing and chemicals.

Meanwhile tourism is becoming an increasingly important sector.

Quality Design

Bag by Lara Bohinc.


Slovenia has a long tradition of fashion designing. Companies, such as Almira, Rašica and Angora, were well-established brands in the industry of knitted and crocheted goods. They manufactured fashionable, practical and high-quality products and were always innovative in their production.


Mura was one of the biggest manufacturers of textile goods in Slovenia and also produced for global brands like Hugo Boss. In recent times, Lisca and Nancy have established themselves globally as lingerie and swimwear brands.


All along, Slovenian designers were active players in the international fashion scene. Urša Draž designs fashionable knitwear, Aleksandra Gregl is an art director, Nika Urbas a fashion designer, Lara Bohinc designs fashionable jewellery and Nataša Čagalj has been a fashion designer for more than 15 years for houses of haute couture like Lanvin or Cerruti. She was also a member of Stella McCartney's designing team.