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Spreading News About Slovenian Scientists Around the World

Many Slovenian scientists teach at universities around the world, conduct research in prominent scientific institutions, and are successful in their respective fields. Some are even amongst the best in the world. People back at home are proud when they hear news about the achievements of Slovenian scientists abroad, yet they find it difficult to remember their names or where they conduct research. The team of the Metina lista (English: Meta’s List) website  was surprised by findings of ''Science and Slovenes'' research published in 2011, which showed that 90% of respondents could not even name one Slovenian female scientist and 75% were unable to provide the name of a single male Slovenian scientist. 

Metina lista decided to change that by launching the Meta Znanost (English: Meta Science) project at the end of 2014. On the website, they regularly publish a variety of popular science stories, columns, analyses, comments and photo-reportages. They also interview researchers who are just about to finish a doctorate, record two podcasts, recommend good-quality popular science literature, and connect with similar organizations and individuals.

Interactive Map

The visual presentation of the locations of Slovenian scientists around the world (Slovenski znanstveniki in znanstvenice po svetu) shows those Slovenian female and male scientists who conduct research at foreign scientific institutions and institutes. Photo: Metina lista

At the very beginning, they already started to think about the Metina lista project to provide an image representation of the locations of Slovenian scientists who teach and do research abroad in the form of a global map. In summer 2015, their proposal succeeded at the tender published by the Slovenian Research Agency and, later on, they created an interactive world map of Slovenian scientists who regularly operate in foreign scientific research institutions and institutes. 

The Scientific categories in which the scientists conduct their research were marked with location pins in different colours. By clicking each one of them, the user is shown information and a link to the website of the chosen scientist and the institute where they conduct research. Like they say at Metina lista, which is led by the Meta Znanost editor and project leader Nataša Briški, the list is nowhere near complete, therefore they will regularly supplement and update the map. Currently, the list contains the names of female and male scientists they have so far been able to identify and contact. 

TheSlovenski znanstveniki in znanstvenice po svetu (English: Slovenian Scientists Around the World) map  contains information about scientists, who have already received their doctorates and are active in scientific research, i.e. those, who work as post-doctoral or regular researchers at foreign scientific research institutions and institutes. 

Currently, there is information about 132 female scientists (47%) and 151 male scientists (53%) shown on the map. They are located on 6 continents, in 33 countries and 182 cities. Out of those scientists, 153 are active in Europe, 110 in North America, 13 in Australia, 12 in Asia, 2 in Africa and 1 in South America. Most of them are active in natural sciences (104) and social sciences (74), which are followed by the humanities (39), technology (33), medicine (25) and biotechnology (16).

Added value of the map

With the collected information and visualisation, the website team wants to ease the process of contacting scientific institutions about collaboration at international conferences, assist in exchanging and hosting Slovenian scientists, provide access to information about employment opportunities, cooperation and potential partners in international projects and about the organisation of work in foreign institutions, and help form a stronger and more organised Slovenian scientific network around the world.

In the future, they would like to boost the Meta znanost website with further content and regularly update the world map with new data. They will be more than happy about your suggestions.

Source: Metina lista

Text by Danila Golob