Bled is world famous for its glacial lake, its island and castle. Photo: Jakše - Jeršič

Slovenia is a real a mosaic of landscapes. It is proud of its snow-covered mountains and a sea coast caressed by the Mediterranean sun. Beautiful karst caves and thermal springs are just waiting to be discovered. Deep gorges, mountain rivers and slow flatland rivers, mountain lakes and the mysterious Karst, ancient villages and medieval towns, old castles and modern entertainment centres, the warm Adriatic, vineyards – everything is in abundance in Slovenia.

Slovenia is home to more than 15,000 animal species and 3,200 plant species This great number of species in such a small area means that Slovenia's flora and fauna are among the richest in Europe and even in the world. Thus it can be rightly depicted as a European biotic park.

Approximately 11% of Slovenia's territory is specially protected; the largest area with such a regime is the Triglav National Park with a surface area of 848 km2. The Škocjan Caves were entered on the world heritage list at UNESCO in 1986, and the Sečovlje saltpans and Cerknica Lake are included on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.