Kredarica. Photo: Bogdan Kladnik

Can you imagine a summer holiday where, instead of lying idly on the beach, you boldly take on a series of adrenaline-filled adventures? In Slovenia, an increasing number of locals and foreigners alike choose this way of spending their holiday, or whatever free time they have on their hands. Contact with nature: good. Level of adventure: high!

So it is hardly surprising that Slovenes conquer the world’s highest peaks, climb the most difficult mountain faces, and set world records in the boldest of sporting feats, if extreme sports are indeed one of the nation’s favourite pastimes: this can be either a visit to an ‘adrenaline park’, tackling white water rapids in a raft, or on a hydro-speed board, a parachute jump, or a free-ride mountain bike descent.


Young Slovenian athletes won eight medals in Nanjing

September 2014

At the second Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Nanjing in China in the second half of August, the Slovenian flag was represented by 48 young athletes. 32 boys and 16 girls competed in athletics, badminton, golf, sailing,...[more]

Slovenian skier Tina Maze with Feel Slovenia Band

February 2013

During the Closing Ceremony of the FIS Ski World Championships in Schladming we witnessed yet another superb performance of Tina Maze. Not on skis, this time, but together with established musicians who, specially for this...[more]

Tina Maze is the new woman to beat

December 2012

Tina Maze has stayed focused and committed to achieving her goals, racing with incredible energy and determination. Even as a member of a small team, meaning that she has had to tackle problems largely on her own, she has...

Winter in Slovenia - be active

December 2012

Because mountains, hills, and plains are a frequent sight and the winters normally tend to be white and cold, active life on the sunny side of Alps can charm you with an inspiringly long list of pleasures.

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