Thermal Spas

Terme Rogaška. Photo: B. Bajželj/STO

It is a misconception that visiting a spa is only for treating different ailments, because you can go to one at any time, in any season of the year, at any stage of your life. It allows you to rest, and recover strength, to recuperate after injury and ailments, or simply to have fun.

Many spas in Slovenia offer a wide and diverse choice of services, including a range of more or less exotic massage treatments. The numerous health spas that have developed across Slovenia are the core of spa tourism in Slovenia, and at the same time they are actively involved in the Slovenian health-care system. They enjoy special status in this respect, complementing hospital treatment and the health-care industry with the healing properties of natural elements.

Even far back in history, people in Slovenia had been taking advantage of the beneficial effects provided by thermal springs. Most of these springs can be found in the central and north-eastern part of Slovenia, in the regions of Zasavje, Štajerska and Prekmurje, with a few of them located in the south-eastern region of Dolenjska. Evidence of the long tradition of thermal spas in Slovenia can be seen in archaeological finds from the time of the Roman Empire. The first written records documenting thermal springs date back to 1147. Word about the healing powers of Slovenian thermal springs spread across the whole of Europe.