Triglav National Park

Photo: STB archive

Triglav National Park has national significance for Slovenes and at the same time it forms part of our country’s identity within the context of the international community. Natural parks form a special category in environment preservation and as such, they must meet the strict European and international preservation criteria in order to be placed on the international map.

Photo: STB archive

In 2004  the Triglav National Park celebrated its 80th anniversary and received the European Diploma of Protected Areas issued by the Council of Europe. The park is host to many kinds of activities and attracts many visitors.

In 2004, the King Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden came here as part of their official visit to Slovenia, and visited the village of Čadrg, at their express request. The park has established a cooperative network with other national parks across Europe, and organises numerous activities and projects. One activity is cycling along one of the many cycle paths, or learning about the environment on the Barje Goreljek educational trail, where you can see how peat marshes are created, and also encounter many interesting creatures and plants, including carnivorous species.

The staff of TNP endeavours to combine nature preservation, agriculture and tourism, which is an important industry that has attracted between 2 and 2.5 million visitors annually for the past few years. The park offers guided hiking tours along theme routes and mountain trails.

Some additional information: TNP covers an area of 83,807 hectares, it has 25 settlements and the combined population of 2,200. You can find more information at the website