Women and wine of Goriška brda in Ljubljana

That for every successful wine producers is even more successful woman prove women winemakers from Goriška brda, province in south-west Slovenia near the border with Italy, famous for its fine wines. For several years in a row they create their own story of winemaking.

When a few years ago women of Goriška brda prepared their first wine event in Ljubljana, they were overwhelmed by the success and greeted with a wave of enthusiasm. The concept they introduced is a new idea of promoting wine - delicate and less burdened.
Also at this year’s event in the pleasant atmosphere at the Ljubljana Castle they charmed the visitors, among them also many influential women. Women of Brda presented wines from 28 different wine houses and 70 wines.
The night was an interesting socializing event with wine and music and notable charity devotion.
Women in winemaking also awarded special recognition to women chefs that in recent years left a notable (international) impact with their culinary delights - Restaurant Pikol, Raduha House and Hiša Franko.