A Hand-crafted Wooden Tree in Harmony with Nature

Xmas3 blends perfectly into green Slovenia. This Christmas tree is not dug up from the ground, or made of plastic; it is a natural, re-usable, hand-made tree fabricated entirely from Slovenian wood. 

The Xmas3 was created and made by Slovenian designer Rada Kos, who draws inspiration from natural materials and a love for nature. This Christmas tree is hand-crafted from superior-quality Slovenian wood. It can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, and then neatly stored in a box until the next festive season. 

As Rada Kos says, the first Xmas3 was the result of a home experiment. Rada’s family had been looking for the perfect Christmas tree for years. Even today, her son Filip complains that a few years ago Rada replaced a traditional Christmas tree with a dried tree she had brought home from the forest and adorned with ornaments. He admits that the dried tree was succeeded by an artificial version because no one in the family was willing to vacuum up needles every day. ''The idea of the Xmas3 had been maturing in my head for a few years. Four years ago, having failed to reach an agreement about what our family's Christmas tree should be like, I drew a sketch on the back of a receipt and took it to Slovenijales to have the wooden pieces cut to size. Then my boys drilled holes into the trunk at home, we made the stand, and the first Xmas3 was born. Of course, I could not have imagined at the time that I was on the brink of an extraordinary story.'' Rada’s friends and family loved the unusual Christmas tree and soon she started thinking about launching the product on the market. The tree was redesigned and reworked, and its visual image was finalised with the help of Rada's husband Tadej, an architect. The first Xmas3 was 190cm high. In reply to market demands, the tree is now also available in three smaller-sized versions, measuring 45cm, 75cm and 125cm in height.

Gingerbread biscuits – preferred decorations

In addition to Xmas3, Rada also makes interesting Christmas decorations to hang on the wooden tree. “Gingerbread cookies are our preferred ornaments, because the scent of cinnamon and other festive spices is what creates the wonderful Christmas atmosphere. My mother’s side of the family comes from the Czech Republic, where artfully crafted and decorated gingerbread called perniky make for traditional Christmas tree decorations. I use my great-grandmother’s recipe to make Xmas3 biscuits.” This year the selection of baked ornaments was complemented by terracotta and white clay decorations with traditional Slovenian lace patterns. In making these, Rada was helped by the Dolfka Boštjančič Centre for Training, Work and Care. “Our smallest tree is also available as a set that includes 14 ornaments from one of the collections.” The designer has also produced limited edition collections of Angelca wool felt angels, Hairri snowmen made of home-made felt balls, and Radika rag dolls.

And how does Rada’s family prepare for the festive season? “In our family, Christmas starts in October. I’m editor of Prostočasnik, a magazine which offers creative ideas for children, parents, and teachers. Our work on the Christmas issue starts in mid-October, since our ideas are then put to use in schools and kindergartens preparing products for their Christmas bazaars. Our days are filled with cooking, baking, shaping, decorating, writing, and taking pictures. When the first week of Advent starts, we are ready for Christmas," laughs Rada. The Xmas3 Rada puts up at home is a “memorial” as members of the family decorate the tree with ornaments from all over the world which they have brought home from their journeys. Decorated in this manner, Xmas3 is truly beautiful. 

Text: Danila Golob

Photo: Tadej Maligoj

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