World Bee Day is a significant accomplishment but also a great responsibility

The declaration of World Bee Day boosted Slovenia’s reputation as a land of excellent beekeepers, increasing interest in Slovenian knowledge of beekeeping. Therefore, the government established the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (BAS) in April 2018. The main mission of the Academy, which is a department of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, is to share knowledge of beekeeping with beekeepers from other countries.

World Bee Day is a significant accomplishment but also a great responsibility, as others expect a lot from Slovenia as a land of beekeeping. The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia was established in response to demand from abroad for the rich knowledge of Slovenian beekeepers. The goals of the Academy are to improve knowledge in the field of apiculture in the international arena, promote Slovenia, beekeeping, biodiversity, tourism, improve employment opportunities and to raise awareness of the importance of bees and pollination.

Beekeeping instructors

The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia organises informal training in beekeeping for providers, so-called beekeeping instructors, interested Slovenian and foreign public and for developing countries.

The people who will teach courses for participants in Slovenia and abroad on behalf of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (BAS) are so-called beekeeping instructors with appropriate knowledge and experience. These are highly competent practitioners with a positive attitude, and the capacity and desire to pass on their knowledge and skills to course participants both in Slovene and other foreign languages. Apart from beekeeping instructors, experts who work on the tertiary level (veterinarians who specialise in bee health, lecturers of the universities of Ljubljana and Maribor and at secondary schools, etc.) will also train participants in specialised areas.

The training in beekeeping organised by the BAS is innovative and problem-based (PBE). The initial training kicks off with General Beekeeping which is devised as an informative consultation. It constitutes the theoretical part of the general overview of beekeeping presented by experts from the BAS. The consultation also includes a specific topic-oriented discussion which is the basis for further selection of a suitable module of the PBE.

Within the scope of General Beekeeping, the BAS in conjunction with tourist organisations provides several tourist beekeeping-focused packages to interested groups of foreigners who visit Slovenia on purpose or coincidentally.

The second level of training is carried out according to the plan of the BAS in the form of special training modules in various fields: Technologies in Beekeeping, Food Safety, Bee Health, Marketing of Apicultural Products, Queen Bee Breeding, Beekeepers as Promoters of Biodiversity, Beekeeping for disabled people.

Round table by the representatives of Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, Beekeeping academy of Slovenia and Agricultural Institute of Slovenia in April 2019 about the Slovenian beekeeping.

Source: The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia
Photo: STA