The establishment of an IRCAI under the auspices of UNESCO in Slovenia

The Slovenian government approved in March 2019 the establishment of an International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO. The initiative to establish the centre came about as a result of the exceptional success of the 2nd World Open Educational Resources Congress, which Slovenia hosted in September 2017.

The purpose of the centre is to ensure an open, transparent environment that, in addition to research and discussion on artificial intelligence, provides stakeholders from around the world with public and political support for the preparation of policies and action plans in the field of artificial intelligence.  
The IRCAI will advise governments, international and domestic organisations, companies and the general public on the systemic and strategic solutions available as artificial intelligence becomes established in different fields of life. It will help to develop and expand capacities in various ways, including by establishing auxiliary research centres around the world, designing training programmes, raising global awareness, and creating a network for the exchange of research and knowledge.  

UNESCO responded positively to the initiative in autumn last year and will take the final decision on the establishment of the centre at its general assembly in November 2019.