Štajersko hop protected at EU level

Photo: Nea Culpa d.o.o./www.slovenia.info

Slovenia has 24 EU-protected items as of Tuesday, when the European Commission registered hop from the Štajersko region as a geographically designated product. Slovenia and Austria, which both grow the hop, reached an agreement on its protection in early March.

The Štajersko hop is produced in the area which ends with the borders of the Štajersko region in the west, is restricted by the Sava river in the south-west and south, and by the border with Croatia in the south-east.

In the east, the border runs along the Mura river and in the north, along the border with Austria, the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food said in a press release.

The Štajersko hop consists of the Slovenian-registered hop varieties: Savinjski Golding, Aurora, Atlas, Ahil, Apolon, Bobek, Buket, Blisk, Celeia, Cekin, Cicero, Cerera, Dana, Styrian Gold, Styrian Eureka and Styrian Eagle.

The most widely produced are Aurora, Bobek, Celeia and Savinjski Golding.

Austria objected to Slovenia's bid during the registration process, arguing that the Štajersko hop was also being grown in Austria's Styria under the names Hopfen aus der Steiermark and Hopfen aus der Südsteiermark.

The two countries subsequently reached an agreement that Austria can continue using the two names for its hop, but that it must be clear from the label that the product's origin is Austrian. There must be no elements associated with Slovenia on the label.

When exporting such products, Austria must not use the two names, but label the product as just Austrian hop. Slovenian producers can translate the name Štajersko hop in other languages. Although the German name for Štajersko is Styria, the name Štajersko will not be translated in German translations.

Some of the other Slovenian products protected as geographical designation at the EU level are the idrijski žlikrofi , prekmurska gibanica  and belokranjska pogača .

Source: STA

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