Slovenian freediver exceeds a new magic mark

Alenka Artnik sets a new world record

On the third day of competition at the 2019 Caribbean Cup in Roatan, Honduras – Alenka Artnik rose to the very top of the world by free-falling to the bottom of the ocean. The Slovenian freediver became the world’s deepest self-propelled female ever as she successfully completed a dive under Constant Weight (CWT), using a monofin, to a depth of 113m.  This is 6m deeper than the previous record.

“It is the most rewarding day in my sports career, shared Alenka, my feelings go beyond happiness. This is crazy. This season, my condition is excellent, both physical and mental. I knew that this year would be the year when I could set new milestones and I was not wrong.”

Alenka Artnik sets a new world record. Photo: Gregor Dinghauser

Slovenian continues to achieve world-class results

With this 113m performance, Artnik cements herself in the history books by not only smashing any previous CMAS and AIDA depth records but by also being the first woman in history to dive past 110+ in a competition. Whilst the competition has both CMAS and AIDA federation judges in attendance, this World Record has been judged and ratified by CMAS as Artnik was diving off the CMAS platform.

Samo Jeranko and Neža Čeč were the only other representatives of Slovenia at the World Championship under the auspices of CMAS, which was held from 6 to 12 August in Roatan, Honduras.

Hearty congratulations to Alenka Artnik on this simply incredible achievement!

Text by: Vesna Žarkovič