Slovenia lights Olympic torch

A goal is to create Olympic atmosphere

A month before the start of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang an Olympic torch was lit in Ljubljana. The torch will now travel through the country, carried by athletes and fans.

After being lit, and right up to the handover to the Olympic athletes at the official presentation of the Olympic team on 29 January, the torch will be accompanied by Olympian Tomaž Razingar, former captain of the Slovenian ice hockey team and flag-bearer at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

In Ljubljana: Slovenian gymnast Miroslav Cerar together with skier Jure Franko, cross-country skier Petra Majdič and former Alpine skier Petra Robnik.

Path of the torch

The project involves the participation of top Slovenian sports people, Olympians, Olympic medal holders and loyal fans, who will carry the torch through various parts of Slovenia. The Slovenian torch will visit eight locations, travelling from Ljubljana to Mojstrana, Jesenice, Tržič, Celje and Maribor. The Olympic Committee of Slovenia has selected these locations because they boast a rich Olympic tradition.In each of these locations, special attention will be focused on those Olympic athletes who were born there.

At the start of its journey the torch was received by former competitors: the Slovenian gymnast Miroslav Cerar together with skier Jure Franko, cross-country skier Petra Majdič and former Alpine skier Petra Robnik.The sports people who will receive the torch in other Slovenian locations are the former Alpine skier Jure Košir, former snowboarder Dejan Košir, former Alpine skier Alenka Dovžan, former hockey player Edo Hafner, monoskier Jernej Slivnik, the former hockey players Zvone Šuvak, Drago Mlinarec and Ivan Ščap, former cross-country skier Robert Kerštajn, former biathlete Tomas Globočnik, former cross-country skier Milena Kordež, Slovenian snowboarder Žan Košir, former Alpine skier Bojan Križaj, hockey player Andrej Tavželj, former ski jumpers Matjaž Debelak and Matjaž Zupan, former Alpine skier Bernard Vajdič and former Alpine skier Katja Koren Miklavec.

Former hockey player Tomaž Razingar

I want a lot of new young athletes

Leader of the PyeongChang fan aircraft Tomaž Razingar and main bearer of the torch had some words to offer on this project and on Slovenian sports in general: “I am very honoured. I hope that at these events we will get to know a lot of young sports people. I want a lot of boys and girls to choose sport. With the aim of promoting sport, we will raise the Olympic atmosphere. It’s just one more month until the start of the Olympics. I hope that all of Slovenia will breathe as one with the athletes.”

Text by: Tanja Glogovčan
Source: STA, Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations