Slovenia earns some likes

Influential Instagrammers explored the beauty of Slovenia and were enthralled

Eeva was taken with Jasna Lake. “I'm happy with small things like mountains and fresh air. I could just sit here for the rest of the week and watch how the day turns into a night. This country is unreal.” #ifeelsLOVEnia @feelslovenia

As part of its promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination, for a week at the beginning of July the Slovenian Tourist Board hosted eight world-famous Instagram movers and shakers, whose breath-taking profiles have almost three million followers.  Most of them were in Slovenia for the first time, and of course they are impressed with the diversity of the landscape in such a small area.

Slovenia the diverse and green destination on Instagram

According to the international criteria for Green Destinations, Slovenia is the first country in the world to have become a green destination. Diversity is its main distinction. It lies in the heart of Europe, at the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain. We wanted to show this diversity to the world via the ever more influential channels of social networks, which include Instagram. In recent years, social networks have become a powerful tool for market communication, since they ensure a sense of authenticity. This is because users can check who is posting and carrying out a promotion – in other words, behind the individual account stands a person whose aesthetic has inspired others or whose opinion means a lot. Alongside its distinctly visual approach, Instagram also offers a way to highlight the locations you are in and where a photo was taken, which are obviously very useful when promoting destinations. Some time ago the Slovenian Tourist Board recognised the power of social networks, and is putting considerable editorial effort into them, while it has also focused efforts on attracting high-quality influential figures in the digital world, who can help raise Slovenia’s profile as an attractive and photogenic destination.

Where they went to

Andrea Ference found of all of her favourite places in Slovenia: ”I came to Slovenia with no expectations…I am half way through my time here, and with every bend in the road I find pieces of all of my favourite places. From coastal towns reminiscent of southern France to rolling hillside vineyards rivalling Tuscany, villages tucked away in the alpines that bring me back to western Austria, gorges that belong in the Pacific Northwest and even mountains that must have been stolen from my backyard.”

Eeva, Johannes and the two Daniels explored the Julian Alps, while Ben, Jessica, Andrea and Michael travelled right across Slovenia. 

These influential Instagrammers, who have a combined total of three million followers, were enthralled by Slovenia, and reflected this in their photos, which were worth more than a thousand words, and conveyed the beauty of Slovenia across the world. 

Text by Aleksandra Jezeršek Matjašič
Photo: STB Archives