Photographic exhibition »I Feel Slovenia. I Feel Culture.« in Bern

The exhibition »I Feel Slovenia. I Feel Culture.«, which draws on the cultural heritage of Slovenia is now opened in Bern, Swiss. It is possible to take a look till 20th of June. A selection of 38 photographs by well-known Slovenian photographers, chosen by the Slovenian Government Communication Office and the Ministry of Culture, presents the cultural diversity of this country, and culture in the broadest sense of the word, as the foundation of national identity.

Extraordinarily rich cultural heritage

The Italian Baroque, Vienna Secession, pan-Slavism and many other cultural influences not native to this land have rendered Slovenian society and culture much richer than they would otherwise have been. We are thus brought together and enriched as a nation precisely by the assimilation of and respect for cultural diversity, which we understand, nurture and develop as our own. The diverse wealth of folk songs and dances, the colourful ethnic costumes and customs, the rich cuisine and noble wines, the wide variety of technical and artistic creations and the amazing cultural landscape – all this is Slovenia. Moreover, since the earliest times this culture has been founded on our uniqueness, pride and the heart of our national identity.

Slovenia is a country whose cultural heritage inspires and surprises – it was here that the oldest wheel and axle in the world were found. Slovenia is home to the biggest stone bridge in the world – the Solkan Bridge. Ljubljana is one of a network of twenty Secessionist or Art Nouveau cities around the world, and Jože Plečnik gave our capital the architectural spirit of eternity. The mercury mine in Idrija, which is today a museum, is on in the UNESCO World Heritage List, while the Škofja Loka passion plays are on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and still more local treasures could be named.

The motifs and texts

The exhibition uses photographs and texts that supplement the images to enable visitors to become more familiar with Slovenia’s cultural heritage, and to even feel it. The photographs touch on various themes, which are portrayed in a number of innovative ways. The motifs express the foundations of our identity, cultural landscape, the spiritual dimensions of our lives, the elemental culture of living, Slovenian symbolism, the land as a space for world history, living and lively museums, technical heritage, and festivals and music, all of which serve as a cornerstone of the nation’s identity.

Source: Government Communication Office
Photo: Government Communication Office Archives