International Chess Tournament Portorož Open 2018

International Chess Tournament Portorož Open 2018. Photo: Darja Kapš

This year the traditional 12th International Chess Tournament in Portorož took place between 14th and 21st July. The honorary sponsor of the festival was the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Chess Federation of Slovenia, dr. Tomaž Subotič.

There were 93 players from several countries: the Dominican Republic, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia and all the neighbouring countries of Slovenia. The overall winner of the tournament was Matej Šebenik, Slovenian Grandmaster and member of the Slovenian national team.

Darja Kapš, Slovenian Grandmaster and ambassador of chess and dr. Tomaž Subotič, the president of the Slovenian Chess Federation. Photo: Darja Kapš

The tournament also honoured the International Chess Day (July 20th) with two highlights: grandmaster Darja Kapš played simultaneously on 14 chessboards. She won by 11-3. On the demonstration board Grandmaster Matej Šebenik commented on the legendary chess game between Bobby Fischer and Bent Larsen that took place in Portorož in 1958. It was right here that Bobby Fischer became the youngest Grandmaster in the world.