European Heritage Days in Slovenia

Known for its creative approaches to European Heritage Days themes, Slovenia will once again offer exciting new interpretations of heritage. This year, European Heritage Days in Slovenia will take place from 22 September - 6 October. The main theme will be tied with the ideas behind European Year of Cultural Heritage and will cover a variety of aspects. 

The 2018 festivities are reaching the peak this autumn with 430 events organised across the country to honour shared European values. According to the number of inhabitants, the number and variety of events ranks Slovenia in the very top of the participating countries. Last year, events attracted almost 50,000 visitors and organizers are counting on a similar number this year.

Over 500 organizations participate in the preparation of a program that brings together professionals, educators, schoolchildren, local communities, societies and the general public in identifying, discovering, protecting and spreading positive attitudes towards heritage. The full list of European Heritage Days events that will be taking place across the country is available here . 

In addition, Slovenia runs the Heritage and Us programme, which brings heritage closer to the youth through a set of school lessons. This initiative is one of the most important national heritage education efforts. Like in previous years, Heritage around us involves a number of schools, teachers, artists, and creative and cultural individuals and groups. Children from all over the country have an opportunity to learn about their local and national heritage, as well as about shared European values.   

This year's theme addresses the question of how heritage will be used to make life better in the future and how to develop it into an attractive theme for visitors. "It is important that our heritage is stored in our hearts for consciousness, because our culture is a genetic code that we need to nurture and protect, otherwise we will lose our own character," said Jurij Hudolin, director of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia . 


Text: Ana Kraševec

Photo: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia