Days of Honey in Polhov Gradec

An opportunity to learn about bee-keeping and the related cultural heritage

Due to the first celebration of World Bee Day, Polhov Gradec was abuzz on 20 May as well. In a matter of three days, there were a number of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and presentations of bee products and bee-keeping activities. All generations participated, and there were very many visitors.

In cooperation with ENO, a global network of schools for environmental awareness, the Božnar House of Honey, which has been organising Days of Honey for 26 years, observed the first World Bee Day by holding a special competition, which was joined by environmental schools from all over the world. Children and pupils in various age groups allowed their imagination to run wild by creating 3D bees using recyclables. So, more than 250 bees flew to Polhov Gradec from 36 countries of the world, some near, some far – from Indonesia to Montenegro. The unique bees are on display at an exhibition titled To Bee or not to Be, held as part of the 26th Days of Honey at Polhov Gradec Manor.

Another unique exhibition was prepared by pupils of the Polhov Gradec Primary School, who painted bee-hive panels, thus showing Slovenia’s most beautiful features. These panels were created in the spirit of today's time and they uniquely show how the youngest Slovenians see their homeland.

To honour the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first Slovenian picture book, various images of bees in Slovenian children's books are also on display.
Another important part of the Days of Honey was the tasting of various bee products, from assorted types of honey to chocolate with pollen. Bee products are also becoming increasingly important in cosmetics. This year, the Božnar House of Honey is paying particular attention to the new Bee Beauty line of cosmetics made of honey.

On this honey holiday, the manor park was not left empty either. Under the ancient linden tree at the manor, the Library under the Treetops opened its doors, and the park is also the centre of culinary events, at which visitors can enjoy the shade of trees as they grab a bite of a honey burger, honey ice-cream, and even honey beer.

Polhov Gradec itself is also an interesting day-trip destination. In addition to Polhov Gradec Manor, you can also enjoy a visit to the interesting Museum of Post and Telecommunications or take a walk on the Blagaj educational trail (Count Rihard Usinij Blagaj invested a lot of his time and effort in botany), perhaps even to the calvary and the church.

Source: Hiša medu Božnar
Photo: Roman Peklaj