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Vibrant summer festival season

Not only is Slovenia known for its natural beauty, it also hosts several festivals that attract many visitors from near and far. Nearly every Slovenian city holds at least one inspirational festival that caters to a variety of tastes and budgets, and which is sure to provide the experience of a lifetime. “A festival for every taste in every Slovenian village” could even be Slovenia’s motto.

Whether it is a multi-day music or theatre event, or whether it is about wine, beer, cuisine, shopping, lace, Pippi Longstocking’s mischief, pan-fried potatoes, tolerance or dressing up in scary costumes, these events always attract a diverse audience from near and far. Despite this varied palette of events, the main features of most festivals still remain close collaboration with the cultural sector on the one hand, and the potential for tourism and general development of the festival’s location on the other. The enthusiasm for festivals is surely a reflection of Slovenian hospitality and social life.

Slovenia is home to several large, world-renowned festivals; however, sometimes what you need is an authentic, fun, and relaxed event in a truly unique and intimate location; an event that will pique your curiosity and adventurous spirit. Here you will find a few suggestions that will arouse your curiosity and take you on an unconventional adventure.

The Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

In mid-July the sleepy capital of the Prlekija region transforms into New York from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The town is overrun with zombies and everybody knows that the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is about to begin. The festival was launched in 2005 and was one of the first international and genre film festivals in Slovenia. The selected film programme boasts excellent fantasy, horror, and cult films, and you can meet most of the directors of the movies screened. You will get to see fantastic unconventional films and at the same time enjoy wine tastings, art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and roundtable discussions. The festival’s website says that the “Grossmann festival is dedicated to this relatively unknown, but much more dangerous and funny side of cinema, that pulls no punches, wallows in excess and political incorrectness, and goes all the way and beyond. But, in order to fully understand it, one must take time, enjoy the adrenaline-filled ride and bring your most extreme sense of humour. And this is much easier with a glass of good wine.”

This year’s festival is scheduled from 10 to 14 July 2018.  

Seviqc Brežice

The name of the festival is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase Semper Viva Quam Creata (Always Alive As Created). The name calls to mind the most incredible concerts of old music with some of the most respected artists from around the world. These skilfully present European and global musical heritage from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 20th century in varied programmes, and the festival pays special attention to Slovenian music. The music is played with period instruments and in an authentic way. Concerts are held in a special atmosphere created by Slovenia’s greatest cultural monuments. This year concerts will be held in the Slovenska Bistrica Castle, Brežice Castle, Cultural and Congress Centre Dolenjske Toplice and Hudičev Turn in Soteska.

20 June to 25 August 2018  

Photo: Andrej Tarfila

Speculum Artium in Trbovlje

If you are into art and new technologies, the post-industrial and mining town of Trbovlje and its Speculum Artium festival will be perfect for you. Speculum Artium is one of the most prominent new media events in Europe. World-renowned scientists and artists from around the globe present their most notable projects from intermedia and new media art. The premise “the Humanisation of Technology” allows for local and foreign artists, producers from around the world, scientists and new media artists who upgrade their creations with innovative technologies to use the development of the many technological and new media applications in order to surpass the frame of the normal and show various ways to humanise new technologies.

13 to 15 September 2018. 

Text by Alenka Štrukelj, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Source: Sinfo