Slovenian designers of swimwear

July 2015

Slovenia’s sea, lakes and rivers provide much needed cool refreshment on hot summer days, and health resorts and spas welcome guests throughout the year. Such a vast array of opportunities for swimming has inspired Slovenian...

Parts of Giant Dugout Lifted Out of Ljubljanica

Photo: D. Badovinac/Zavod za podvodno arheologijo

July 2015

Underwater archaeologists recovered from the bottom of the Ljubljanica river on Tuesday two parts of what is the biggest dugout boat ever found in Slovenia, Matej Draksler of the Underwater Archaeology Institute told the...[more]

Slovenia is Grieving for the Legendary Musician Slavko Avsenik

July 2015

Internationally-recognized accordion musician and composer Slavko Avsenik has died at the age of 85. He is leaving behind a rich legacy of oompah music and a polka that is believed to be the most frequently played piece of music...[more]