Jelka Reichman - Slovenian Woman of the Year

January 2012

"This year, Jana magazine's readers chose the lady who managed to entice childhood into eternity." It was with these words that the editor-in-chief and managing editor of Jana announced the Slovenian Woman of the Year 2011. In...

The best world champions

January 2012

The Slovenian Sportspersons of the Year were the Alpine skier, Tina Maze, the white water slalom kayaker, Peter Kauzer, and the award for best team went to the ski jump team, who won bronze at the World Championships in Oslo.

Opening of European Capital of Culture

January 2012

Maribor officially became the European Capital of Culture on 14 January. In the coming months, the city will be transformed into one vast stage of diverse performances. This is the largest cultural project to have been undertaken...

Twenty years of national currency

January 2012

On 8 October 1991, Slovenia introduced its own currency and set out on a path of monetary independence. The tolar, its official legal tender at the time, was one of the most important attributes of the Slovenian State. Monetary...

»Comfortably at home« in Ivančna Gorica

January 2012

Just a quarter of an hour after leaving the ring road of Ljubljana, travelling on the motorway south-east, you come upon a region which could hardly be more authentically Slovene – Ivančna Gorica. You've only just left the bustle...

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