Cviček, the Giant of Dolenjska

January 2009

Cviček is one of the most unique wines in Slovenia. Its secret is in blending various reds with white varieties. It has an attractive, light red colour with a slight ruby cast, and fresh fruity aromas, with an emphasis on red...

The Pride of Slovenian Bookbinding

January 2009

The Janez Vajkard Valvasor Foundation established at the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts in 2001 has recorded a grand achievement in publishing.In late 2008 it published the ‘Iconotheca Valvasoriana’, a facsimile of the...

The story of Idrija lace

January 2009

The town of Idrija, according to its inhabitants, is known mainly for two things - one of them being the mercury mine and the other the world-famous Idrija lace.Cloths and napkins, curtains and bed linen, clothes and ornaments...