Second Celebration of World Bee Day

May 2019

The main goal of the second celebration of World Bee Day is to raise public awareness of the role that beekeeping, bees and other pollinators play in ensuring food security, preventing hunger and poverty, and enabling the...

Beehive panels are not just folk art, but also fine art

May 2019

Painted beehive panels are an essential element in the history of Slovenian beekeeping and even in the history of Slovenian folk spiritual culture. These panels are the same to the fine arts as songs and tales are in literary...

Busy bees

May 2019

Beekeeping runs in the Slovenian genes, and many families have a beekeeper in their midst. Moreover, beekeeping in Slovenia is no longer just about obtaining honey, it is also increasingly an innovative business opportunity....

Citizens of Slovenia love bees more than anywhere else in the world

May 2019

Slovenian beekeepers work differently to beekeepers elsewhere. They really love their bees and do not look at them as a means to generating a profit. They want to take care of them and provide them with an environment in which...

World Bee Day is a significant accomplishment but also a great responsibility

April 2019

The declaration of World Bee Day boosted Slovenia’s reputation as a land of excellent beekeepers, increasing interest in Slovenian knowledge of beekeeping. Therefore, the government established the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia...

Plečnik in the mirror: the spirit of the great architect captured in pieces of unique jewellery

April 2019

In the Glass Atrium of the Ljubljana Town hall, young designer Martina Lončar presents the unique jewellery she has created inspired by the work of architect Jože Plečnik. A trace of Plečnik’s brilliant solutions can be found in...

Designer Tanja Pak receives award in Venice

April 2019

Artist and designer Tanja Pak was one of the finalists in the Design section of the Arte Laguna Prize 2019 exhibition at the Arsenale in Venice and received a special award.

Miami – The capital of Slovenia

April 2019

Eight NBA games were played that night, but none was as high-profile as the game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. Two thousand Slovenians in the stands of the American Airlines Arena in Miami and Dragić’s second...

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