Festival of wine and food

Photo: STA

December 2009

Without doubt one of the more popular wine and food events in the capital is the Slovenian Festival of Wine.

This year the organisers attracted experts, traders, restaurateurs, the media, passionate devotees of an excellent drop and good food, and of course plenty of visitors. The visitors not only tasted the wines, of which there were many more than 200, but also some culinary delights, the kind that go perfectly with good wine. The culinary part of the festival offered numerous Slovenian treats – from vinegars, olive and pumpkin oil to cheeses, spreads, chocolate and chocolate products, patés, the famous kranjska klobasa sausages and salamis, stomachs and cured hams. The educational workshops also generated enthusiasm, bringing to Ljubljana some major names in the world of master chefs.

The festival also has a competitive dimension, and connoisseurs. Visitors awarded the main prize to the wine KHMER 2006, produced by Reia of Neblo in Goriška Brda. In the category of dry white wines, the experts gave first place to the Chardonnay 2007 produced by Planeta of Italy. In the dry red wines category, first prize was taken by a Syrah Cabernet 2008 from the cellars of Skovin. First prize for rosé wines entered in the competition went to the managing director of the cellar Jeruzalem Ormož VVS d.d. for their Rosé 2008. The best sparkling wine of the festival was judged by the expert jury to be the Jackob’s Creek Sparkling Rosé. The wine that garnered the highest points in the opinion of the expert jury was a wine with a hint of sugar, the Laški rizling 2007 from the cellars of Kmečka zadruga Krško z.o.o.

The Bakhos media prize for the most pleasing wine went this year to a pinot gris (dry white, 2008, Jeruzalem Ormož VVS d.d., Štajerska Slovenia wine-growing region). The Bakhos 2009 media prize for special achievements in making and promoting wines was received by Janez Lešnik, who in the core wine-growing region of Konjice found an opportunity for the long-term development and introduction of a new style of wine that reflects the authenticity of the growing area. Meanwhile, journalists regard Egon Krampač, with his Prekmurje wines, as a rising wine star.

Text by Polona Prešeren, Sinfo December 2009