The wine-growing region of Kapela. Photo: BOBO /STB

Slovenia has three wine-producing regions: Primorska, Posavje, and Podravje. Each is divided into many wine-making districts, each having a selection of fine wines.

Primorska produces several exceptional local wines. The most typical wine of the Slovenian Karst is kraški teran (Terrano Carsico), a red wine made from Refosco grapes. Its varietal, produced in the Koper district, is called refošk. The sun-bathed slopes of Koper district are also famous for malvazija (Malvasia) and other wines.

The Vipava Valley is home to exquisite wines, such as zelen, pinela, grganja and klarnica, while Goriška Brda is most known for its rebula.

The champion of Dolenjska and the Posavje wine-producing region is the ruby cviček, while Bela Krajina boasts metliška črnina and modra frankinja (Blue Franconian).

The pride of the Bizeljsko wine-growing district are the white and red bizeljčan blends. The Podravje region has the best laški rizling (Italian Riesling) and renski rizling (Rhine Riesling), while šipon (Furmint) is the most appreciated wine from Prlekija. Among all the wine-growing regions, Jeruzalem is the most famous one.

Slovenia also offers excellent mead, which is still fermented according to the oldest known recipe, from 1689. Many regions produce remarkable varieties of schnapps from fruit and berries, particularly blueberries. Bountiful orchards yield mouth-watering fruit, from which a range of natural fruit juices is produced, while from deep within the Earth, mineral waters spring to light, including the world-famous Radenska, Donat and Tempel from Rogaška Slatina.


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