Pasta and bean soup

Pasta and bean soup.


500 g beans    

250 g pasta

75 g pancetta (bacon)

1 small onion

25 g flour


2 spoons tomato purée


bay leaf



ground paprika


Cook the soaked beans and the pasta separately. Strain the pasta and put it in a pot with cold water. Fry the onion with the bacon, then add the flour, the crushed garlic and the tomato sauce. Add some water and simmer until a smooth sauce is obtained. Add the beans with all the water, the pasta, the salt, the pepper, the paprika, the bay leaf and the marjoram, and simmer for ten more minutes. The soup must be thick. At the end, add a little vinegar.

The soup is tastier if a piece of prosciutto or pancetta is cooked along with the beans.